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If you find yourself constantly being weighed down by debt, then you are not alone. 

With the constant increase of daily living essentials, many South Africans are struggling on a daily basis to meet their financial obligations and as a result are facing blacklisting or even repossession of there assets. 

Debt Counselling was designed to assist people who are not able to maintain their monthly installments and are at the mercy of the creditors who are more that willing to sell your house, car or furniture in order to recover their money. We can assist in this by negotiating with credit providers for a lower installment over a longer period of time.

If you find yourself in one of the following situations:


·         Avoiding those annoying phone calls;

·         Struggling to pay the full instalment due to creditors;

·         Losing sleep due to money stress;

·         Tension between you and your spouse due to money;

The chances are you are over indebted.